A Knowledge Base, Integrated Drilling Fluid & Waste Management Services

Petro Mud Services was established in 2004, starting from supplying Drilling Fluids material to Oil and Gas Companies.In 2009, the company was awarded its first Drilling Fluids Engineering services. In 2010, Environmental Solutions Services, and in 2017 Filtration Services were added to the company’s profile. Since then, Petromud Company has been providing fully Integrated Drilling Fluids, Environmental and Filtration Services to Oil and Gas Industry.

Petromud Company, worked along with several local and international Operating and Service Companies in different challenging fields as South Azadegan, South Pars, Azar, Arvandan and Kish Gas field.

Company’s Mission

The company strives to deliver services with consistent quality as per internationally recognized QHSE standard through a documented and controlled process. Our client stretches from within Iran to countries across our region.